суббота, 15 декабря 2012 г.

My opinion was divided

"What I like about the story."        

  • Beautiful language that the author used to describe people, nature, and all the events;
  • The story has a happy ending;  

"What I don't like about the story."

  • Despite the fact that the book is written in a marvelous language,reading the book is boring pastime. The great number of descriptions and tidesome dialogues occupies a large part of the book.
  • The novel has a quite typical plot. The end was predictable.
  • In my opinion, the book is not realistic. It is more like a fairy-tale. At first, life of the protagonist is terrible, then surely a prince on a horse appears,as a result they fall in love and that's all.
"Jane Eyre" received from me 4 points.

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