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A few words about words

countenance - лицо ( face, person )
"I must watch this ghastly countenance,these blue eyes?"

spellbound - очарованный ( charmed, fascinated )
"But since Mr.Rochester's visit it seemed spellbound."

unreservedly - безоговорочно ( unconditionaly, unreservedly )
"Diana and Mary approved the step unreservedly."

eagerness - рвение, пыл ( zeal, ardor )
impetuosity - стремительность, импульсивность ( impulsiveness, fervidity )
"He looked and spoke with eagerness: his old impetuosity was rising."

infirmity - немощь ( invalidity, weakness )
"And to bear with my infirmities, Jane: to overlook my deficiencies."

perceive - воспринимать ( take, feel )
interlocutor - собеседник ( companion )
"I perceived, of course, the drift of my interlocutor."

hideous - отвратительный ( terrible, disgusting )
"Am I hideous, Jane?"

commotion - волнение ( excitement, emotion )
"Mr. Rochester turned mechanically to see what the commotion was."

interwoven - переплетенный ( bound )
stem - ствол ( trunk )
foliage - листва (leaf)
"There was none: all was interwoven stem, columnar trunk, dense summer foliage - no opening anywhere."

confinement - лишение свободы ( imprisonment )
"She was kept in very close confinement."

inflict - наносить ( deal, deliver )
"A fresh wrong did these words inflict."

obstacle - помеха, препятствие ( obstruction, barrier )
"Am I served from you by insuperable obstacles?"

spiteful - злобный ( malicious, nasty )
"The spiteful tearing of the veil was real."

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  1. I like the way you did the vocabulary. Different coloures make it easier to remember. All these words are new for me, I'd like to remember it, especially words "unreservedly" and "eagerness"