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Interview with Jane Eyre

-Hi Jane!
-Hello my dear readers!
-Jane, I know you've recently arrived at Thornfield Hall. How are you feeling there?
-Oh, it's the great place! There are very beautiful nature and wonderful house!However, most of the time I spend alone. I have no one to talk to. It's boring and sad.
-What do you do here?
-I'm working with a little girl Adele. She is funny. Adele speaks in French mostly. She also loves to sing and dance.
-Does anyone else live in this house?
-Oh, yes,of course. Mrs. Fairfax! She is a"governor"  of  this house. A couple of servants is here too.
-But what about the owner of the estate?
-Ah, Mr. Rochester .. . During the three months I spent in the house, I had not seen him.But one day he came over and ,I think, settled here. 
-Could you tell us about him?
-Are you from the tabloids?
-No, how could you think so!
-I'm sorry.The modern world can not live a day without gossip! Mr. Rochester is an interesting person, he's smart and attractive. I can not say that he is Brad Pitt, but and I'm not Angelina Jolie! 
-What can you say about your relationships?
-We have different positions.He has an excellent education and a lot of money, and I'm just his daughter's teacher. But despite this, I feel comfortable with him, we can talk on different topics!
-Is it possible to say that you have a mutual admiration?
-Yes, I think so.
-And what about love?
-Mm...I think it's time to end our interview!
-But Mrs. Jane...
-Let's talk later!
-I was very pleased to talk to you. Thank you very much!
-See you soon!

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