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If I were Charlotte Brontë...

    I didn't like the happy end of the story so I decided to invent the finale myself. When everything is so simple it is not interesting!
    Edward and Jane married. They live together and they are going to have a baby. And everything seems fine. But ...One night, Jane sees the image of the ex-wife of Edward. She does not understand what it is.In the morning she tells Edward about it.Edward asks Jane to forget about it.
    After a few days near the estate where the young couple lives  begin to happen strange events. At first,Jane gets an unusual letter with asking her to come to the next county to meet with a distant relative. Jane is going to go, but suddenly she is sick of unknown disease. No one doctor can not help Jane.
    Edward remembers about the strange letter, received by Jane. Then he decides to go to the county instead of Jane. In the old house, he finds his ex-wife, who has been still alive after the fire. That evening her maid burned.
    When Bertha learned that Edward wants to marry Jane, she decided to take revenge. She sent the poisoned letter. Edward requires an antidote or promises to disclose the mystery of Bertha. Bertha gives a bottle with the antidote and promises to disappear from their lives.
    Jane is recovering. And after a while, it becomes clear that Jane is pregnant.
    No, a love story without a happy ending is not a love story!

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  1. No one doctor can not help Jane.> No doctor
    Jane is going to go> Jane intends to go
    That evening her maid burned> got burned