понедельник, 17 декабря 2012 г.

Some comments and assessments

    I can say that it is my first blog. Blog is a diary. I've never liked to write diaries. In my blog you can find a number of drawbacks. It is clear that my problem is that I put everything on the last day. First of all, I promise myself to do some other blog is much better and more interesting!
    Now I want to say some words about my colleagues. I know that my classmates chosed a completely different works written at different times and by different authors. However, I have no doubt that all my friends were interested in creation of their blogs.
    I was very interested to read this blog: http://julita227.blogspot.ru/.
Most recently, I read the same book. I regret that the author of the blog gave us not so much information. The book is about life, difficulties and ,of course, about love. It would be very interesting personally to know the opinion of the blogger about the book!
    I liked the Ulyana Motcheva's blog. I know that she likes her book very much. Her blog and reviews made me to get to know this book better.
    In general, I want to say that all blogs are interesting in their own way. I want to take note to http://endilana.blogspot.ru. Space design is perfect!
    I think,we will make new blogs in a short time!Good luck!

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  1. Thank you, Masha, for accurate and honest assessmment of your groupmates' blogs and your own work. Best of luck to you in your work on improving your English.