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Before a new chapter of Jane's life...

  Jane dropped the story of eight years of her life. Now she is 18 and she tells about all changes. She got an excellent education at the Lowood school. For two years she is a teacher in the this school. It seems that all is well. However Jane realizes that she can not continue this life. It is monotonous. Jane confused and she does not know what to do next. The solution was found. Jane gave the advertisement in the newspaper:she wants to try to work in a private home. The answer did not come as soon as expected. But the letter is in Jane's hands and a new life waits for her in Thornfield!

Some words:

testimony - свидетельское показание ( evidence, witness )
"...I bear my testimony to its value and importance."

zeal - рвение, усердие ( eagerness, fervor )
"...witch I discharged with zeal for two years."

solace - утешение ( consolation, pacification )
"...her friendship and society had been my continual solace."

servitude - рабство ( slavery, bondage )
"...grant me at least a new servitude!"

endeavour - стремление ( aspiration, effort )
 " I wished the result of my endeavours to be respectable."

barrister - адвокат ( lawyer, solicitor )
"...his uncles wanted him to be a barrister."

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