среда, 7 ноября 2012 г.

I chose a book... (part two)

    I decided to follow the advice and chose to read the work of a more modern author.
My choice was Charlotte Bronte (her picture on the left) and her novel "Jane Eyre".
     I would say that the book is easy to read. A dictionary I more often used to find out the meaning of one or the other adjective. The novel is replete with colorful epithets, interesting comparisons and a great number of metaphors.
    Now some information about the content of the novel and its structure. The novel can be conditionally divided into several parts. Each part can be related to a particular stage of life of the protagonist. The first phase of her difficult life Jane...Hmm, it's interesting that Jane herself could write in the blog about her life...

    " My name is Jane Eyre and I'm 10 years old. I lost my parents very early, and now I live with my aunt, Mrs. Reed. I live, honestly, not very sweet. The fact is that Mrs. Reed is not my own aunt. She has children of her own (evil,nasty and spoiled). They do not like me as well as I do them. Not so many people are good to me here. Except the servant,Bessie. She give me something delicious and read interesting stories at bedtime. I am sorry that she does it only when she is in a good mood.
    Every day of my staying
 here is similar. The only thing that can change is the type of my punishment. I can be without lunch or spend the day in a dark room alone. I usually get punishment for bad behavior or for lying which I'm not to say.But in reality, I am very honest and responsible girl. I love to read. Book is my only consolation.
    One day, Mrs. Reed's patience was over and she had no desire to see such a bad girl in her home.So I got to orphan school Lowood.
    This school is an unpleasant place. Only girls are here. They go in the same dress and with the same hairstyles. The food here is very bad. So at night I satisfy
 my hunger with thoughts of fried potatoes. Here we study the history, grammar and  mathematics. Some of us are engaged in the French and singing.
The teachers are like Mrs. Reed. It is true that they are a little better for pupils. But among them there is an exception. This is the director, Mrs. Temple. She is very smart and kind and she has a lot of warmth in her soul.
Here I had a real friend. Her name was Helen Burns. Why am I talking about her in the past tense? Because she died a few days ago of tuberculosis. But she left me a lot of her knowledges and let me know that all tries  that we experience in our life make us stronger."
    In my opinion, Jane Eyre could tell us this story. What will happen to her next? We will learn about it later.