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Conversation with Mr. Rochester

-As we know, Edward Rochester is the owner of the manor Thornfield Hall. Our last meeting was a long time ago. Dear Mr. Rochester, could you tell us about changes in your life?
-Yes, my life is completely different now. Jane and I live in peace and love each other very much!
-My congratulations to you! Tell me, is it true that Jane is not your first wife?
-Yes, you are right! When I was young, I had a difficult financial situation. I had to marry one girl. The fact that she was mad, I learned too late.
-And what did you do?
-I could not leave the poor girl. I hid her in my estate. So she lived there for a long time. Officially, I continued to be married. But talk about love here was pointless.
-Did Jane know about it?
-I had hope that she did not know.
At the time when we were going to get married, one scoundrel told Jane about my wife.
Jane as a fair girl could not marry a married man. Moreover, she was upset that I had deceived her, and she ran away from home.For a long time we had been apart.
-The most important thing that you are together now! How do you feel, Mr. Rochester?
-Thank you, all is well! Thornfield Hall burned down in a fire, which was held by my crazy wife (Bertha).I lost sight when trying to save Bertha. Bertha burned with the house. Now Jane and I live in the other house, and vision slowly coming back to me.
-I am very glad that your story has a happy ending!
-I'm the happiest person!

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