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Some comments and assessments

    I can say that it is my first blog. Blog is a diary. I've never liked to write diaries. In my blog you can find a number of drawbacks. It is clear that my problem is that I put everything on the last day. First of all, I promise myself to do some other blog is much better and more interesting!
    Now I want to say some words about my colleagues. I know that my classmates chosed a completely different works written at different times and by different authors. However, I have no doubt that all my friends were interested in creation of their blogs.
    I was very interested to read this blog: http://julita227.blogspot.ru/.
Most recently, I read the same book. I regret that the author of the blog gave us not so much information. The book is about life, difficulties and ,of course, about love. It would be very interesting personally to know the opinion of the blogger about the book!
    I liked the Ulyana Motcheva's blog. I know that she likes her book very much. Her blog and reviews made me to get to know this book better.
    In general, I want to say that all blogs are interesting in their own way. I want to take note to http://endilana.blogspot.ru. Space design is perfect!
    I think,we will make new blogs in a short time!Good luck!

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The cat can help you:)

     It is my main helper! 

The cat is a big fan of English literature! 
My pet was the first who gave assessment to my blog!

A few words about words

countenance - лицо ( face, person )
"I must watch this ghastly countenance,these blue eyes?"

spellbound - очарованный ( charmed, fascinated )
"But since Mr.Rochester's visit it seemed spellbound."

unreservedly - безоговорочно ( unconditionaly, unreservedly )
"Diana and Mary approved the step unreservedly."

eagerness - рвение, пыл ( zeal, ardor )
impetuosity - стремительность, импульсивность ( impulsiveness, fervidity )
"He looked and spoke with eagerness: his old impetuosity was rising."

infirmity - немощь ( invalidity, weakness )
"And to bear with my infirmities, Jane: to overlook my deficiencies."

perceive - воспринимать ( take, feel )
interlocutor - собеседник ( companion )
"I perceived, of course, the drift of my interlocutor."

hideous - отвратительный ( terrible, disgusting )
"Am I hideous, Jane?"

commotion - волнение ( excitement, emotion )
"Mr. Rochester turned mechanically to see what the commotion was."

interwoven - переплетенный ( bound )
stem - ствол ( trunk )
foliage - листва (leaf)
"There was none: all was interwoven stem, columnar trunk, dense summer foliage - no opening anywhere."

confinement - лишение свободы ( imprisonment )
"She was kept in very close confinement."

inflict - наносить ( deal, deliver )
"A fresh wrong did these words inflict."

obstacle - помеха, препятствие ( obstruction, barrier )
"Am I served from you by insuperable obstacles?"

spiteful - злобный ( malicious, nasty )
"The spiteful tearing of the veil was real."

If I were Charlotte Brontë...

    I didn't like the happy end of the story so I decided to invent the finale myself. When everything is so simple it is not interesting!
    Edward and Jane married. They live together and they are going to have a baby. And everything seems fine. But ...One night, Jane sees the image of the ex-wife of Edward. She does not understand what it is.In the morning she tells Edward about it.Edward asks Jane to forget about it.
    After a few days near the estate where the young couple lives  begin to happen strange events. At first,Jane gets an unusual letter with asking her to come to the next county to meet with a distant relative. Jane is going to go, but suddenly she is sick of unknown disease. No one doctor can not help Jane.
    Edward remembers about the strange letter, received by Jane. Then he decides to go to the county instead of Jane. In the old house, he finds his ex-wife, who has been still alive after the fire. That evening her maid burned.
    When Bertha learned that Edward wants to marry Jane, she decided to take revenge. She sent the poisoned letter. Edward requires an antidote or promises to disclose the mystery of Bertha. Bertha gives a bottle with the antidote and promises to disappear from their lives.
    Jane is recovering. And after a while, it becomes clear that Jane is pregnant.
    No, a love story without a happy ending is not a love story!

My opinion was divided

"What I like about the story."        

  • Beautiful language that the author used to describe people, nature, and all the events;
  • The story has a happy ending;  

"What I don't like about the story."

  • Despite the fact that the book is written in a marvelous language,reading the book is boring pastime. The great number of descriptions and tidesome dialogues occupies a large part of the book.
  • The novel has a quite typical plot. The end was predictable.
  • In my opinion, the book is not realistic. It is more like a fairy-tale. At first, life of the protagonist is terrible, then surely a prince on a horse appears,as a result they fall in love and that's all.
"Jane Eyre" received from me 4 points.

Conversation with Mr. Rochester

-As we know, Edward Rochester is the owner of the manor Thornfield Hall. Our last meeting was a long time ago. Dear Mr. Rochester, could you tell us about changes in your life?
-Yes, my life is completely different now. Jane and I live in peace and love each other very much!
-My congratulations to you! Tell me, is it true that Jane is not your first wife?
-Yes, you are right! When I was young, I had a difficult financial situation. I had to marry one girl. The fact that she was mad, I learned too late.
-And what did you do?
-I could not leave the poor girl. I hid her in my estate. So she lived there for a long time. Officially, I continued to be married. But talk about love here was pointless.
-Did Jane know about it?
-I had hope that she did not know.
At the time when we were going to get married, one scoundrel told Jane about my wife.
Jane as a fair girl could not marry a married man. Moreover, she was upset that I had deceived her, and she ran away from home.For a long time we had been apart.
-The most important thing that you are together now! How do you feel, Mr. Rochester?
-Thank you, all is well! Thornfield Hall burned down in a fire, which was held by my crazy wife (Bertha).I lost sight when trying to save Bertha. Bertha burned with the house. Now Jane and I live in the other house, and vision slowly coming back to me.
-I am very glad that your story has a happy ending!
-I'm the happiest person!

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Who was Jane Eyre?

    The novel "Jane Eyre" is the great work of all time. It's such a beautiful love story. Jane Eyre is one. However, she is different for each person.
    The director of the adaptation of the novel in 1934 decided that Jane Eyre was a blonde.

Virginia Bruce (Jane Eyre) and Colin Clive (Mr. Rochester),1934

    The new version of film appeared in 1944. The main role was played by Joana Fontaine. This film wasn't
very long, a lot of details were missed.


    The film with Susannah York which was shown in 1970 was undramatic.

Сюзанна Йорк

  Then in 1973 soap opera "Jane Eyre" was realesed. There were 5 series. This adaptation is one of the best.

Сорча Кьюсак

    Another soap opera appeared in 1983.The main roles were played by Timothy Dalton and Zelah Clarke.

The film appeared in 1996 was marked by the emotional game by  Charlotte Gainsbourg and William Hurt.

    Next year a new film adaptation appeared. The film had not received special praise. Mr. Rochester seemed very aggressive.

Джейн Эйр
Samantha Morton and Ciaran Hinds, 1997

    There was a new soap opera with Ruth Wilson in the main role. The soap opera did not make much impression on the audience.

    Over a year ago came the modern version of "Jane Eyre" with Mia Wasikowska. 

    Unfortunately, I saw only one film. It was the film of the last year. I can't compare the films to each other but try to compare the book and the film. In my opinion, the book is definitely better. And it's not just about my book. I have not seen a screen version  that was able to outmatch the book. And it's not because the filmmakers do not know how to make movies. The problem is that when we watch a movie we do not think. We do not think about heroes and their images:directors and actors have already done everything for us. In the book, it's different. We should represent faces, voices and movements of the protagonists. We imagine a space where all the events take place. The reader is the boss there. It's much more interesting,isn"t it? Let's read the books!